This section of the original Route 66 intersects the North side of new Highway 66 East of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. It is approximately ½ mile in length and contains approximately 5.64 acres including right-of-way. We make no warranties or guarantee, expressed or implied, but believe this information is accurate. The conveyances described here are filed of record in Oklahoma County, Oklahoma and can readily be verified.

It was the intent of the original property owner, now deceased, to promote and preserve the property by selling undivided interest, one square foot memorial parcels. as a method to preserve this original section and to raise funds for promotion.  It is believed, although this has not been confirmed, that this may be the last remaining section of the original Route 66 in Oklahoma located on private property, thus available for sale and preservation.  I am also advised there exists the potential for national historical recognition.

I acquired approximately 140,100 sq. ft.  tenant in common undivided interest, or slightly over 3 acres of the 5.64 acre mol parcel in 2004 as an investment. All transctions are legally filed of record in Oklahoma County. Should you have a purchase interest please contact me. I might also consider a legimate partnership interest for a highly qualified and motivated party.  There is no mortgage on my property.